Why Clean Ducts?

Why should I have my air ducts cleaned?


It is typically due to homeowners noticing poor indoor air quality when they decide to investigate air duct cleaning for the first time. In an average household, up to 40 pounds of dust is created annually just as the result of everyday living. Your HVAC system and ducts are the lungs of your home. Just by daily living, we create a large amount of air pollutants and contaminants, such as dander, dust, various other allergens, and chemicals. These contaminants are pulled into the HVAC system and are being re-circulated up to 7 times per day usually. The re-circulation of the air pollutants and contaminants is what causes the build-up of debris in the ductwork.





Your comfort and peace of mind

As well as cleaning your ducts, our indoor air quality technicians also inspect your ducts for anything that may serve to cause a problem for you in the future, and take the appropriate preventative measures for that potential problem.

Energy Savings

25 to 40 percent of the energy used for heating or cooling a home is wasted, according to the American Department of Energy. Contaminants that clog up the heating and cooling system causes it to work much harder and shorten the life of your equipment. This ends up costing you more money in the long run. Although HVAC systems have filters, the heating and cooling system still gets dirty through normal use after time. As a result, less energy is used, leading to improved cost-effectiveness.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Duct cleaning removes the contaminants that may be in your air such as dust, dirt, dead skin cells, and pollen. All contaminants just mentioned can cause or trigger headaches, rashes, irritation of the eyes, asthma symptoms or allergy symptoms.

How often should the air ducts and dryer vent be cleaned?

It is recommended that your air ducts should be cleaned every 3-4 years, while split heat pumps and dryer vents should be done annually. The homeowner should also change the filters on the HVAC system frequently to maintain the best level of air quality in their home.

What method do you use to clean air ducts and dryer vents?

The cleaning involves placing the system under negative pressure, through the use of a specialized, powerful vacuum (ours is 20,000 CFM, a regular Dyson vacuum would be only 50-100 CFM). While the vacuum draws air through the system, air lines with whips on the end are inserted into the ducts to whip around and dislodge any debris that might be stuck to the interior ductwork. The debris then travels down the ducts to the vacuum, which removes it from the system and the home.

To clean the dryer vent, we use what is called a “skipper line”. The skipper line pulls itself in with air pressure at the same time blowing the lint and debris outside through the vent. This process is completed from the exterior of your home in almost all cases, unless the vent is blocked by a deck etc.

Do you use chemicals during the air duct cleaning process?

Chemicals are not used, unless requested by the customer.

How long does the cleaning process take?

An average size single system house takes 2-3 hours to complete. Split heat pumps normally take an hour per head.

Can we stay in the house during the cleaning process?

You can be in the house during the service; however you should be careful of the equipment as the hoses have to be laid out on the floor in some places. Some pets are also bothered by the noise, especially cats.