Split Heat Pump FAQ’s

Many people do not realize that the warranty does not cover issues that derived from obstruction of air flow or dirty air filters. Regular checks for obstructions or foreign matter are the owner’s responsibility.

Split heat pumps do not in bring fresh air from outdoors, but instead recirculate air from inside of the home. This means any dust, pollen, hair and mold is available to be sucked in by the unit. If the unit is not being serviced regularly, the heat pump will just continue to recirculate these allergy triggers back to your air supply.

The majority of the time, this is due to your heat pump being in desperate need of a cleaning. The edges of the fan blades collect dust and mold particles and over time this would inhibit your air flow. After cleaning, there will be full movement of fresh, clean air.

This is one of the most common sign that your heat pump needs to be cleaned- if it is stinky!  This odour happens overtime from the condensate tray filling in your split heat pump, and it is caused by a bacteria growing. It sounds scary, but it is easily fixed with a split heat pump cleaning!

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How can I get a quote?

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